21 Miles

by Jessica Hepburn

When Jessica's life didn’t go to plan, she ate and she swam.


This is the story of how Jessica met and ate with 21 inspirational women and then swam 21 miles in search of the answer to the question: ‘Does motherhood make you happy?’

If you’ve ever felt a crumpling in your chest when another friend tells you they’re pregnant…


If you’ve ever wondered why everyone else seems to find it so easy…


If you’ve ever experienced the pursuit of motherhood...


This book is for you.


by Jessica Hepburn

Kate Brian, author of The Complete Guide to IVF

After reading dozens of fertility books over the years, I’ve realised how hard it is to get a memoir about treatment right and to tell your own story in a way that other people will actually want to read, but Jessica Hepburn has managed it brilliantly in her book The Pursuit of Motherhood..."

Jessica's writing is easy and flowing and the book is a real page-turner; it's a journey you're compelled to join - her strengths and weaknesses, her guilty pleasures, and most of all her rollercoaster of emotions laid bare. It's a great read and for anyone for whom fertility is an issue."
Her story is not the traditional tabloid miracle baby happy ending, and yet it is the reality for many of the couples who go through fertility treatment...The Pursuit of Motherhood is a must-read."