Ditch the Dummy

by | 23 Feb 2014

This month I got to do something I’ve never done before – buy a copy of Prima Baby & Pregnancy magazine. But, don’t worry fellow infertiles, this isn’t a dreaded pregnancy announcement. It’s just that the magazine has kindly featured my book in their February edition.

I was delighted when their editor suggested the idea but also a bit concerned. ‘You do realise it doesn’t have a happy ending?’ I said. Then added quickly ‘Yet…’ I didn’t want to put her off completely.

So there it is on page 55 – Book of the Month – right under an article called ‘Pregnancy Peanuts’ with a monkey nut perched on top of the tip of my book. Apparently advice on whether to eat peanuts during pregnancy has confused mums-to-be over the years. Really? I’ve always been a cashew type of girl myself. I’ve never given peanuts a second thought but, then again, I’ve never been a mum-to-be.

I definitely got a vicarious pleasure from leafing through the magazine imagining a life where articles like ‘Ditch the Dummy’ meant something to me. It reminded me of my childhood when I used to spend hours going through catalogues picking out items I was going to buy when I grew up. One of the things I always chose were those high heeled pink fluffy feather slippers (you know the ones I mean). They seemed to me to be the height of adult sophistication but, like dummies, I’ve never gone on to buy a pair of those either.

In many ways those slippers symbolized the type of woman I wanted to be. They said powerful in the boardroom, sexy in the bedroom. I never spent much time thinking about being a mother, I just assumed it would be the case. And talking about the different roles that women play, this month Prima magazine also has a special feature about pretty and practical lingerie for mums. It is valentine’s month after all. Of course everyone knows that having children plays havoc with your sex life but, take my word for it, try being an infertile – you’ll never get excited about taking your underwear off again. Which reminds me, I must at least get a card even if I’ve long given up on the follow through. When’s valentine’s day again?

So this week’s question, mother or infertile, how are you doing on the follow through?



  1. theredbag

    Hi Jess, thank you for sharing. This made me smile – a happy/sad smile, but a smile nonetheless. Love, T xxx

  2. thepursuitofmotherhood

    If I can make you smile, all’s right with the world! And more on that happy/sad feeling in a future blog… J x