Hello From The Himalayas

by | 15 Oct 2017

Those of you who are eagle-eyed, may have noticed that my blog has skipped a week. In fact, for the first time in four years of writing it, I actually forgot! My excuse being that after a whirlwind of work during September and early October, I boarded a plane for Nepal. Last Sunday I landed in Kathmandu and, within a matter of hours, I was walking in the Himalayas and it was only then that I thought: ‘Shit, I forgot!’

But if I had written last Sunday, then this is what I would have said.

  1. THANK YOU – to everyone who pre-ordered my new book 21 Miles – it’s because of you that it will be published next year. I’ll be posting more news about the launch and publication soon. But for now, I just want to say that I will be forever grateful to everyone who contributed to the crowd-funding campaign and made it possible – and it’s not too late if you haven’t bought it yet. Just click here.
  2. WOW – I’ve just landed in Kathmandu and it’s incredible. Tomorrow I’m heading off on my next climbing challenge – Island Peak . Hopefully this will soon be me:

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 11.59.05

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 12.07.17

So a week behind schedule and here I am in the Himalayas. We’ve been trekking for seven days staying in beautiful tea-houses (some of which have internet hence being able to post this). But tomorrow we head high. We’ve reached the point where the air thins, the temperature drops, the going gets tough and there certainly ain’t no Wi-Fi. So I thought I’d post today to let you know where I am – and all being well I’ll be able to post next Sunday to let you know how I got on. And then my blogs will have caught up.

You may have noticed that endurance has become a bit of a theme in my life. First there was eleven rounds of IVF – I got to know the environment of the fertility clinic pretty well which is why I’m delighted to be the host of the Q&A stage at The Fertility Show on 4th and 5th November at Olympia where I’ll also be giving a seminar on how to survive the IVF rollercoaster. I highly recommend the show to anyone facing fertility treatment as it’s attended by some of the top experts in the world. I’ll be quizzing them on what you need to know!

Next up was 21 miles – I swapped the fertility clinic for the English Channel and got to know a new environment – this time the sea. You’ll be able to read all about that in my new book.

Now, it’s me and mountains. So far I’ve climbed two of the world’s seven summits (Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua) and now I’ve come to Nepal – home of the highest mountains on the planet. I hope it won’t be the last time in this beautiful country. I’m hoping that my IVF endurance test was the start of something really big. Stay with me, and you’ll see.


  1. Jane P (UK)

    Lovely to hear from you Jessica – look forward to your next update and all the pics of you up the mountain. Its amazing – it sends a thrill through me thinking of you up at the top – makes my stomach flip too! Wishing you lots of courage and strength as always. We found a love of skiing and snowboarding through our IVF struggles – when we finally walked away from IVF I think I truly embraced the mountains. Going up chairlifts does not compare to your ventures and I truly admire your grit – but having climbed up the top of one small pick as part of a ski slope (it was only a few meters and it took all my strength to keep going) I can appreciate to a small degree your stamina and determination. However high you climb, the feeling and journey will be wonderful. I am inspired as always by your adventures. Love Jane x

  2. Jane P (UK)

    “pick” above – should read peak! xx

  3. thepursuitofmotherhood

    Lovely to hear from you too Jane. Mountain summited (just down) and will write a blog about it soon (still recovering, it was very tough and definitely some stomach flipping moments…). Amazing though. Truly amazing. xxx