Happy Easter

by | 1 Apr 2018

It’s Sunday. Blog day. Another search for words.

In just over a month my new book will be published – I promise you there are a lot of words in that.

I know I should tell you something about it. Something that will justify the enormity of its birth. The enormity of its birth to me. But I feel more and more there are no words. What will be, will be.

Instead today is about Modigliani at the Tate; I, Tonya at the Covent Garden Odeon; and twenty four tracks on my headphones as I walked the streets of London.

Sometimes other people’s words and pictures are far more important than your own.

Happy Easter. I hope the chocolate was good.

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    Cannot WAIT to read it …

  2. thepursuitofmotherhood

    Not long to go now and whatever you think, I’ll never forget that it was my first book that made us meet! Jessica x