Summer’s Here

by | 18 Jun 2017

What a beautiful day! I wish I could tell you I’d been out enjoying the sun, but I’ve been at my desk writing a funding application for Fertility Fest next year. I don’t mind writing applications, and I definitely like funding, but I can think of better ways to spend a summer’s day!

So! To keep things short – so I can go and have a cool drink and watch the midsummer’s sun go down – I’m going to give you a quick round up of my top summer fertility events and reads.

Summer in the city? Check out Re:Production at London’s Etc Theatre in August – a great new play about a woman who helps other people to makes babies but can’t decide whether she wants to make one of her own.

Heading to the biggest and best arts festival in the world? Check out Joanne Ryan’s Eggistentialism at the Edinburgh Festival – an hilarious existential crisis of a woman and her thirty-something eggs.

And finally two great beach reads for anyone who has struggled to conceive and is carving a future they never imagined: Dear You by Tessa Broad and The Facts of Life by Paula Knight.

All these artists will hopefully be appearing at Fertility Fest next year – as long as that funding application is successful. But I did give up a beautiful midsummer’s day for my desk and my laptop. Surely Titania – Queen of the Fairies – will reward me for that!


  1. Paula Knight

    Thanks for the mention, Jessica, and good luck with the funding application!