Call Me Psychic Part II

by | 27 Apr 2014

Ok, here’s the thing. When I wrote my blog, Call Me Psychic, I was kind of joking. I mean, I didn’t really think I had special powers even though I’d successfully predicted that Holly Willoughby would soon be pregnant. But, now, things are starting to get spooky.

In October I did an article about my infertility for Grazia which was linked to Chelsea Clinton’s announcement that 2014 was going to be the ‘year of the baby’ – even though she wasn’t pregnant yet. Apparently Hillary had been making hints that she wanted to become a grandmother and Chelsea had decided she would fulfil her mother’s need to knit. Any woman who has struggled to conceive knows that such confidence in your own fertility can be foolhardy. But something told me, and I said as much in the article, that Chelsea had a charmed life. And guess what? I was right!

Last week, Chelsea announced to the world that she’s pregnant. Or, in other words, she did have sexual relations with that man, and it worked! So I can only deduce that Chelsea does have a charmed life and I must, indeed, be psychic. And for my next prediction: Hillary goes to the Whitehouse in 2016; and Chelsea follows in her parent’s footsteps in the future. Because, let’s face it, charmed lives (and powerful political dynasties) are like that.

So for this week’s question: got any pregnancy predictions that you’d like to share?


  1. ladyloveandbabydust

    I’m predicting that those new BFPs from those who’ve suffered miscarriages will have “normal” pregnancies. I just feel very good about every on of them. That’s my prediction.

    • thepursuitofmotherhood

      I think one of the hard things about pregnancy after miscarriage is that you still can’t enjoy it because you’re so fearful of what might go wrong. I really hope you’re right. Thanks so much for commenting. Jessica x