D is for Dolly

by | 29 Jun 2014

When I told friends and colleagues that I was going to Glastonbury Festival this year, their mouths dropped open in amazement before uttering a single word followed by a string of question marks: ‘YOU???’

YES, ME!!! Stop Press. I am writing this from a field. And a very muddy one at that. It’s true. I’m not generally the sort of girl that was made for camping. But, fear not readers, I’m in a luxury camper van that has it’s very own loo. Everything is fine.

It’s actually not my first time here. I came to Glastonbury thirty years ago, aged thirteen. Back then you could stroll in through the gates without a ticket. It was the first time I’d been away from home without adults and I remember my friend and I putting up our tent inside out in the pouring rain and sleeping the whole night in a puddle. That friend, who now has children nearly the same age as we were then, said she can’t quite believe our parents let us go. But those were the innocent days when kids were still allowed to play out after dark and dream of being on Jim’ll Fix It.

And now I’m back. This time with my friend Vicky Arlidge who is playing the cabaret tent. She’s a brilliant musical comedienne who writes and sings about being a wife and mum of two. Check our her your tube hit ‘Mum Will You Wipe My Bum?Last night she had the whole of the cabaret tent singing along to her ukulele.

This afternoon we’re off to see Dolly Parton who is headlining this year’s festival. All weekend they’ve been heralding her arrival with the Dolly Mob (a Dolly Parton version of a Flash Mob). Whenever they play her song Jolene over the loudspeakers, festival goers have to stop what they’re doing and start dancing. Blond wig, heels and rhinestones optional.

Dolly, now in her sixties, has long been a musical legend. But what you might not know is that she never had children. She once said: ‘My songs are like my children – I expect them to support me when I’m old!’ So if Dolly’s songs are her children and Vicky’s children are her songs what about me? Well, I’ve got great memories of thirty years ago and new ones being made right now and, for the weekend at least, I’ve got a rather nice camper van! Here’s looking at you Glastonbury.

So for this week’s question – what do you want to be doing on a midsummer Sunday afternoon when your Dolly’s age?


  1. Emma

    I’m just watching the bbc4 documentary about Dolly, she is so inspiring, I hope to have just some of that strength of character and be doing something I love when I am her age….”I would rather wear out, than rust out” DP. Enjoy Glasto! x

    • thepursuitofmotherhood

      And I can officially report she’s wearing out in style! A living legend who composed a song about mud just for Glastonbury and learnt the theme tune of Benny Hill in honour of her trip. Hope I still have her sense of humour too! Jessica x