Meet Me At The Pearly Gates

by | 17 Aug 2014

Sometimes I think I’ve had it bad. Sometimes I think I’ve had it worse than most. Sometimes I think when I get to the Pearly Gates of Fertility Heaven I’m going to be rewarded big time. They’ll sit me alongside Mother Teresa and give me the brood I’ve longed for.

And then sometimes I hear a story that makes me stop and think. I realise that I’m not the only one. I realise that there are many women who have been through as much heartbreak, maybe more, in their own pursuit of motherhood.

One of those women is Jessica Blakely. She’s been through 12 rounds of assisted conception (one more than me). On her ninth round she got pregnant with twins who were born at 22 weeks and tragically didn’t survive. When I first heard her story my own seemed insignificant. I could hardly imagine the sense of loss and unfairness. But although I’m sure she feels this at times, her strength and composure is an inspiration.

I asked Jessica if she would do my now monthly ‘Fertility Proust Questionnaire’ and was delighted when she accepted. Click here to read her heart-lifting and heart-rending answers. She runs a monthly support group in Fulham which I highly recommend if you live in London.

From one Jessica to another, I salute you.