by | 30 Nov 2014

It’s time for a new Fertility Proust Questionnaire. But first for a confession. When I started doing this interview series earlier in the year, my plan was to do one every month. But I missed October and I’d have missed November too if I didn’t get it out today. The thing is I’ve taken on a bit too much of late – but as my partner, Peter, says whenever I complain: ‘What’s new, you always do.’

Anyway. This month I interviewed Rachel who runs the online support community Sprout & Co. I first met her through my blog when she commented on my post entitled ‘Reappropriation’. She has always dreamed of becoming a mother and although she hasn’t had a baby yet (or as she cutely calls it: ‘a Sprout’), her self-transformation and positivity is an inspiration. I love this Buddhist motto she lives her life by:

In the end only three things matter:

… how much you loved,

… how gently you lived, and

… how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.

Do have a read of her uplifting answers to my questions here because I guarantee they’ll uplift you too.

And on the subject of uplifting thoughts, I’ve just had a bloody brilliant brainwave. Maybe this month’s Fertility Proust can cover December too. Well, it is about ‘Sprouts’ after all and you couldn’t get more seasonal than that. So pencil January for your next instalment and give me the Christmas gift of crossing something off my very long to do list!



  1. Bec

    Thank you Jessica and Rachel. I admire Rachel (and yourself) for generously turning your own journeys towards motherhood outwards for others to find support and solace. Also, That motto is just beautiful, a good reminder of what we should be focused on as we make the most of this life.

    • thepursuitofmotherhood

      It is a beautiful quote. That Mr Buddha was a wise man! Thanks Bec for all your support! Jessica x

    • sproutandco

      Thanks lovely Bec, appreciate your kind words… I decided early on that something good had to come out of my fertility journey and I wanted to help dissolve the fear, shame and loneliness for others that I felt at the start of my journey…. I’ve got this motto in my memory bank and often recall it to hubby and myself in tough times….xo

  2. kiftsgate

    Great answers to the questionnaire. I love reading how people respond to the questions.

    • sproutandco

      Thanks kiftsgate, so glad you enjoyed xo

  3. sproutandco

    Thanks lovely Jessica for having me on the blog – I’m totally honoured…. You are really amazing…. I finished reading your book last night – I couldn’t put it down! Just AWESOME! I laughed, I cried and then I bawled on the beach while finishing it last night. I totally resonated with so much of your story – its nice to know we are not alone…. Such a fabulous read for anyone going through fertility stuff. Thanks so much for sharing yourself with the world. Big hugs gorgeous xox

    • thepursuitofmotherhood

      Thank you – laughing, crying – even bawling – is all good. I’m so glad you liked it. I love everything you’re doing too, although I don’t feel like I manage to be quite as positive and mindful and healthy as you most of the time. But that’s me – I need your inspiration! Much love, Jessica x

      • sproutandco

        Yes it was certainly good for the soul reading your book…. I haven’t read a book that quickly in ages…. I didn’t want it to end……I was so engrossed. You are going to do a number 2? Thanks for your kind words…. we all need each other on this roller-coaster of a journey xox

        • thepursuitofmotherhood

          Yes a number 2 is in the pipeline – more on that next year – and we do all need each other that’s for sure, it’s the best way of feeling less alone! Jessica x