The Fertility Show 2015

by | 8 Nov 2015

This blog is called The Fertility Show 2015 lest it get mixed up with my blog from the same moment last year which was called And Then I Cried. That was about The Fertility Show 2014.

So here’s the thing. I almost didn’t agree to speak at The Fertility Show today because I found last year so hard. But in the end I accepted the invitation and I’m so glad I did. Lately I’ve felt that I’m on some sort of mission to help people who are going through IVF and particularly to tell them that life will be ok whatever the outcome. I truly believe there are a million ways to be a mother, and life without children can be equally fulfilling. And I want to thank anyone reading this who came up and spoke to me after my talk and said such lovely things. I want you to know that you really helped me too.

Because here’s another thing. Life isn’t always good. Even when you’ve written a book and managed to swim the Channel, you still get your bad days. Last Thursday wasn’t such a good one for me. I also had a Monday a little while ago which was really very hard. But when I look back at how sad I felt on this day at The Fertility Show last year, and then I think about today, I just feel like I want to say to the world: life’s worth pushing through. So I bope you’ll keep on pushing through the hard days with me, and I’ll keep on pushing through them with you.

Happy Sunday evening everyone.


  1. clarehallcraggs

    I’ve read your post twice. For very different reasons we all have bad, low days and need to look at a chipper post like yours to remind us others may be struggling too, and that brighter things are just round the corner. Thank you, super* swimmer (*super times many times after conquering the Channel!).

    • thepursuitofmotherhood

      Absolutely, the faith that brighter things are round the corner is quite a new feeling in my life but I do think it’s true and I”m starting to trust it. Thank from a super grateful* swimmer (*super grateful meaning I cannot quite believe I did it but feel very blessed I did!)

  2. CB

    My Husband & I attended the fertility show today. I wish I could find the words to say how grateful we are that you did decide to speak today. I would have thanked you in person but I was so moved to tears by your conclusion (the short film of your amazing swimming achievement) that I couldn’t. Your selflessness is an inspiration. Thank you.

    • thepursuitofmotherhood

      Thank you for writing! It really means a lot. I’m so glad you liked the talk, and that the film moved you. I don’t think of my self as selfless at all but if my story helps other people in any way, it was worth it. Do please stay in touch, and thank you so much again for writing. Jessica x