by | 20 Nov 2016

When I give talks about my/the pursuit of motherhood, I often mention the value of fur babies although I’ve never actually had one. That is, until last week when two adorable balls of fluff arrived.

In the lead up to them coming, I noticed I was getting stressed. I’ve wanted a baby for such a long time but suddenly the prospect of the responsibility was making me anxious. I contemplated postponing their arrival until after Christmas. I realized that despite trying so hard to conceive for so many years, the freedom of not having children had become a rather wonderful thing.

I gave myself a talking to and didn’t postpone. After all you can’t pick and choose what date you go into labour. So last Saturday, they came home in a cardboard box, right on schedule. The first thing they did was dash to the safety of behind the sofa. Parted from their real mother, they looked at me with fear in their eyes. They didn’t want me to pick them up. It was a horrible reminder of how infertility infiltrates your mind and destroys your belief that you’re ever supposed to be a parent.

But one week in, we are getting used to each other. They really aren’t a lot of work, they’re just a lot of fun. And when they’re not chasing each other’s tails or decimating the furniture with their tiny claws or kicking the fluorescent orange ball we’ve bought them round the room, they’ll come and sit on your lap. They may even purr. There’s a reason why I tell people about the therapeutic value of a fur baby when you’re trying to conceive, it’s because it works.




    Oh! They are too gorgeous for words. Kitty congrats! They are indeed therapeutic – enjoy. Dx

  2. Izzy

    Ahh, they are beautiful. I hope you have so much fun with them. Although I’m not a fan of the term fur baby, the animals in our lives keep us going. I credit our old dog with keeping me going through the worst of the IF trenches, and the two young dogs who came along in the last 12 months have filled my life with joy and inspired me to do the most incredible things I never would have thought I was capable of, lifting me up and away from all that horrible depression and limbo. Sorry for the long essay comment, but enjoy! You deserve the laughter! x

    • thepursuitofmotherhood

      Definitely agree with you about the phrase ‘fur baby’, it is a bit ‘ick’. Please send essay comments whenever you like, because I like receiving them very much. Hope you have a good day with your pups today. J x

  3. Louise

    They are so cute!! Seeing you pic makes want to have another one, don’t think my husband
    would approve, as I have 3 fur babies!

    I love them to pieces & I do talk to them & treat them like my babies.

    They give me so much love.

    I hope your fur babies bring you lots of
    love, I’m sure they will.

    Lots of love

  4. thepursuitofmotherhood

    Thanks Louise. Fur babies rock although, like your husband, I’m not sure I could manage three, even though I always said I wanted four children! Jessica x

  5. Joanne Harper

    They are utterly adorable Jessica – congratulations on your little family!
    I’m a big fan of Fur-Babies & have three – Husband has set a limit, although I am currently in the process of working on him on that! haha
    Do enjoy them.
    Love from
    Joanne xxx

    • thepursuitofmotherhood

      Good going with three! Keep working on him! Much love Jessica x

  6. barrenbetty

    Oh my gosh they are super cute! I always wanted a kitten but unfortunately most of my relatives (and husband) are allergic to fur so I was never allowed!

    • thepursuitofmotherhood

      Aren’t they! One is very beautiful, the other very clever. The perfect combination! Jessica x

  7. Sarah

    Have you named them Jessica? My daughter got a rescue cat more grown up than a kitten. She’ was found in a cardboard box abandoned with two kittens. Her friend has the kittens. Nova is her name and she is our first grandcat. We have none of the human variety but we can still boast to keep up, with our many updates and photos. Look forward to our meeting up.

    • thepursuitofmotherhood

      Well they are both beautiful and clever tis true. They haven’t been firmly named yet as we still don’t know what sex they are! Any tips on this gratefully received. Nova is a beautiful name for a grandcat! Looking forward to meeting too, bring photos of yours! xxx

  8. Sarah Alexander

    Oh I hope we get lots of updates. We enjoyed our first grandcat and proudly showed around photos probably to counteract all the grandchildren adoration and photos I have been on the receiving end off. I cannot tell which one is beautiful and which one clever they both look both to me.


  9. Pamela

    Adorable! I will have to live virtually through your experience. As much as I adore cats and dogs — animals in general — they send me to the emergency room with asthma-induced allergies to dander. Yeah, I really scored in this lifetime, didn’t I? Ah, well, so you know where I’ll be in my next life: living in the country with my children and animals tumbling over each other! Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy hardwood floors & light color furniture minus the signs of free-wheeling creatures 🙂

  10. thepursuitofmotherhood

    Oh you poor allergic thing, but you did also score in this lifetime on the skill to write a brilliant comment!

  11. everydayisnew♡

    The kittens are so beautiful! Love your blogs!

    • thepursuitofmotherhood

      Thank you. I am a proud mother cat! Thanks for reading, and commenting, and liking. I really appreciate it. Jessica x