Kim, Miley, Holly, Virginia and Me

by | 17 Nov 2013

Ok, three blogs in and it’s time for a confession. I am harbouring a dirty secret and its Daily Mail Online. Every night before I go to sleep, I spend a guilty fifteen minutes reading the latest celebrity news. Just Kim, Miley and Me.

On Thursday night , I read that Holly Willoughby is broody for Baby Number 3. She was promoting her new bedding range for BHS, dressed in cream cashmere: half mum, half sex kitten – a style she wears so well.

Now I’m not saying that Holly says it’s going to be easy. In fact, and I quote, she says: ‘It is a weird thing planning a baby. You can make sure it doesn’t happen but making sure it does is a different thing.’ How right you are Holly. But something tells me that if you set your mind to it you’ll soon be blooming on This Morning.

Not that I’m suggesting Holly has a charmed life and that I’m jealous or anything. I know nothing about her except that she’s chocolate box pretty, happily married with two kids, and has a glamorous job. No, I’m not suggesting that at all. I’d rather be Virginia Woolf any day of the week –who incidentally never had children. The truth is I need people like Holly to feed by neurosis.

So this week’s question… Holly or Virginia. Who would you rather be?