Oprah, I love you

by | 24 Nov 2013

Oprah Winfrey has been in the UK promoting her new film, The Butler. Last Saturday she was on the Jonathan Ross Show with her co-star, Forest Whitaker. It was interesting to watch them at work. Whitaker gentle and unassuming with that chameleon-like quality that is the mark of a great actor. Winfrey the consummate media professional, confident and confessional.

I was instantly mesmerized by the charisma of this woman who is not just America’s only black billionaire but who has single handedly revolutionized the publishing industry with her ‘book club’ and was instrumental in getting Barack Obama elected. When asked, she disdained the thought of ever going into politics herself but she could if she wanted to. Of course she could. She’d probably even get to the Whitehouse adding President to her CV along with Talk Show Host, Actress, Producer and Philanthropist.

All this from a woman who grew up in poverty, was raped at the age of nine, fell pregnant at fourteen and gave birth to a son who then died very soon after. A woman who throughout her life has struggled with her weight, relationships and never had any more children. She looked at Jonathan when he asked her about all this, and then turned and said straight into the camera: ‘No experience that anybody ever has in their life, no matter how difficult, is wasted. You learn from it, you turn it around and become a better person because in every tragedy there is also the possibility for triumph.’ And in that moment, after yet another hard week on my infertility journey, I thought: ‘Oprah, I love you.

So this week’s question…Who do you love today?