The Ghost of Christmas Past

by | 22 Dec 2013

In her Christmas blog, Mindful Muma-To-Be quoted from my book, the pursuit of motherhood:

‘I long to experience the excitement of the family going out to buy the tree and decorating it to the sound of cheesy Christmas classics… This year we’ve decided to go away. Somewhere hot. Somewhere we’re not reminded of the family we haven’t got.’ (

But that was then. This year, I’m laying to rest the Ghost of Christmas Past. We’re staying at home and reclaiming Christmas. Tree? Already up and the lights are still working. Turkey? Squashed in the fridge. Presents? Here’s hoping! We’re also planning some Christmassy things like going to the Dickens Museum (which is even open on Christmas Day – now that’s what I call dedication to the Spirit of Christmas). And, naturally, there will be a glass or two of mulled wine. Because I can!

So this week’s question has to be – what are you doing for Christmas? Whether it’s a hot one or a cold one, I hope you can have a happy one.

And for Mindful Muma-To-Be’s review of my book please see: