by | 10 Jan 2016

So we’re a week in. In fact, over a week. I’m going to spare you my full list of 2016 resolutions because it amounts to ten main ones with a supplementary list of a further five and I do like to try and keep my blogs tight. Besides I know there are some people who loathe new year resolutions. Like Lesley Pyne who wrote a great blog about it this week called ‘What you should really do in January’. I thought about my list – my long list – that I’d written on the flight home from Africa and felt a bit embarrassed. Because in a way she’s right – winter is a time for hibernation, spring is the time for growth.

But I’m afraid I can’t help myself. I like nothing better than a plan. And I can’t tell you how many people have asked me what I’m planning to do next…..So I will disclose one thing which is that I’ve decided that 2016 is the year of the HALF MARATHON. Yes, that’s right I did say nought point five. Because if you’re the kind of runner that dogs and small children can walk faster than you’ve got to start somewhere and give yourself time to train. But Jessica, I hear you cry, in the brave new world of ultra marathons isn’t a half marathon – even a full marathon – only mid-magnitude? Can’t you muster more magnitude than that?’

Well, you’re right, now that I’ve swum the Channel and climbed Kilimanjaro, I have acquired a taste for extreme endeavour. And this week JustGiving wrote to me to say of the five million, three hundred and twenty one thousand and twenty four fundraising campaigns in 2015 my Channel Swim was in the top 1%. That’s thanks to all of you who sponsored me and helped me get across. But somehow it also makes me feel I now have a duty to keep flying the flag of families without the children they long for, and children without the families they deserve. So I’ve decided that 2016 is not only the year of the half marathon but also the year of forensic investigation. Yes, I’m talking major-magnitude investigation. Just call me Inspector Morse. First name Endeavour, in case you didn’t know.



  1. Lesley Pyne

    Thanks for the mention Jessica, I admire your energy and enthusiasm. You are truly an inspiration to us all.

  2. thepursuitofmotherhood

    Thanks Lesley. Loved your blog this week even though I can’t help myself with the resolutions! Jessica x

  3. theredbag

    As always, I read your blog with interest. Especially this one. Congratulations on climbing Kili! You are an inspiration. Your mention of forensic investigation has peaked my interest, for obvious reasons. I would love to hear more. And happy new year, Jessica! T x

  4. theredbag

    Piqued and Peaked!

  5. thepursuitofmotherhood

    I better justify your pique and your peak by making it good….thanks for reading and commenting and happy new year too. More soon…Jessica x

  6. Lyndel

    Catching up on things and read you are in the top 1% of Just Giving fundraisers for the Channel Swim – of course Jessica we never doubted you. And thanks to all who supported it! Lyndel

    • thepursuitofmotherhood

      And thanks to you for being part of the best support team a channel swimmer could ever wish for! Jessica x